Terms of Use

Terms of Use

About Terms of Use

  1. Website User Suitability

    This text is essential for the functioning of each website provided by TRAIN UNION OF WESTERN CRETE SA, as it constitutes the agreement between the company, known as THE LITTLE FUN TRAIN (“the Company”), and its users. The website is accessible to natural or legal persons capable of entering legally binding agreements as defined by law. If a user does not meet these legal conditions, then using the website is prohibited. Use of the website is also governed by these general terms and conditions, which users should read carefully, as using the website implies their unconditional acceptance.

  2. Modification of the Terms of Use

    The Company reserves the right to revise and update these Terms of Use at any time. Continued use of the Site after changes signifies acceptance of such changes. Elements of the Site may be modified, supplemented, deleted, or updated without notice at the Company’s discretion. The Company’s GENERAL TERMS OF USE may also be revised and updated. To view these, please visit the link: Terms and Conditions.

  3. Protection of Personal Data

    The Company’s Privacy Policy governs the use of information collected or provided on the Website. To read this policy, please visit the link: Privacy Policy.

  4. License – Ownership of the Website

    The website’s content, including texts, graphics, photographs, images, and files, is protected by intellectual property rights under national, European, and international laws. Thus, actions such as reproduction, republication, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, performance, downloading, translation, and modification of any part of the website are strictly prohibited without the prior express written consent of the Company.

  5. Restrictions on the Use of the Website

    In addition to other restrictions stated in these Terms of Use, you agree not to:

    • Conceal the origin of information transmitted through the Website.
    • Provide false or misleading information through the Site.
    • Use services, information, applications, etc., from the Site in an unauthorized manner.
    • Upload to the Website any items containing viruses or other harmful computer programming routines.
  6. Links to Other Websites

    The Website may contain links to third-party websites and resources. These links are provided for convenience only and do not imply the Company’s endorsement of their content. The Company is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of content, software, services, or applications on these Linked Sites and is not liable for their availability or content. Use of Linked Sites is at your own risk and subject to their terms and conditions, including privacy policies.

  7. Cookies

    The website may collect user identification data using technologies like cookies. Cookies are small text files stored on each visitor/user’s hard drive but do not access any documents or files from their computer. They are used for facilitating access to specific services/pages, for statistical purposes, and to identify useful or popular areas. This data may include the visitor/user’s browser type, computer type, operating system, internet service providers, and other similar information. Learn more about Cookies here: Cookie Policy.

  8. Network Security

    The Company reserves the right to modify, interrupt, or discontinue all or part of the website for maintenance, upgrades, or other reasons, with or without notice. While the Company strives for continuous availability, it cannot guarantee uninterrupted access, which may be affected by various factors. The Company is not liable for any damage due to the use or unavailability of the website. Users are responsible for their own protection (e.g., using antivirus software) before using the website.

  9. Termination – Suspension of the Website

    The Company may terminate or suspend your use of the Website at its discretion. Upon such suspension or termination, you must immediately discontinue use and destroy any copied content. Continued access after termination or suspension constitutes unlawful entry. The Company is not liable for any third-party access restrictions.

  10. Limitation of Liability

    The Company endeavors to ensure accurate and complete information on the website. However, it is not liable for any loss or damage due to the use of its website, even in cases of negligence.

  11. Visitor’s Obligations

    Website visitors must comply with relevant laws governing telecommunications and refrain from illegal use of the website’s content. Visitors are responsible for any damage caused to the website due to inappropriate actions. In case of legal action due to infringement, the visitor is responsible for legal intervention and compensation.

  12. Applicable Law and Other Conditions

    These Terms of Use are governed by Greek and International Law, as well as European directives and regulations. They should be interpreted according to good faith and fairness. Invalid or void provisions do not affect the validity of the remaining terms. Disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Chania.


For issues with the website content, contact the Company at 2821060817, or use the contact form available on the Company’s website or by email: [email protected]