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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored in your browser when you visit a website. Stored on your computer, they may contain information like the pages you’ve visited, the date and time of your visit, and a unique, random user identifier. Cookies never contain personal information or details allowing anyone to contact the website visitor via telephone, email, etc. Moreover, using cookies does not grant access to your computer’s documents or files. The website utilizes cookies to store user-specific information about your site browsing and to enhance your user experience. They also help us monitor our site’s performance and traffic, improving its layout and content based on visitor preferences.


What Cookies Do We Use on Our Website?

Cookies may be placed on your computer or internet-enabled device whenever you visit us online. This enables the site to remember your device for various purposes. On some of our web pages, a notification banner will appear, requiring your consent to collect cookies. Without your consent, your device will not be tracked for marketing-related activities. Another type of cookies, “user-input” cookies, may be necessary for essential functionality. These cookies will not be blocked by the notification banner. Should you wish to revoke your consent, you can do so by deleting the cookies in your browser settings; further details and instructions will be provided.

We use cookies on our website to manage session information, provide personalized web pages, and tailor advertising and other content to suit your specific needs and interests. Cookies are also employed to compile anonymous, aggregated statistics, helping us understand site usage and improve its structure and content. We cannot personally identify you from this information. You can adjust your browser settings to reject some or all cookies, except those that are strictly necessary. Be aware that rejecting cookies may disable some features only available through their use. Generally, we use the following categories of cookies on our websites:

  • Necessary Cookies: These essential cookies are vital for the proper functioning of our websites, allowing you to browse and use features like accessing secure areas, using the shopping cart, and making electronic payments for our products, as well as storing items in the wish-list. These cookies do not recognize your individual identity. Without them, our website’s functionality and your browsing experience would be compromised.
  • Functionality – Preference Cookies (Analytics): These cookies enable the websites to remember your choices, such as username, language, or region, offering improved and personalized features. They are also used to provide services you request, like viewing videos or using social media networks. The information collected by these cookies may be anonymized and does not track your browsing activity on other websites. They help us evaluate the effectiveness of various site functions. If you do not accept these cookies, the performance and functionality of our websites may suffer, and your access to content could be restricted.
  • Performance Cookies (Statistics): These cookies gather information about how visitors use our website, such as which pages are most frequented and if error messages are received. They collect consolidated, anonymous information that does not identify individual visitors. Their sole purpose is to enhance website performance.
  • Marketing – Advertising Cookies: These cookies are used to deliver content that aligns more closely with your interests. They may be utilized for targeted advertising/offers, limiting advertisement views, or assessing the efficacy of advertising campaigns. They can also remember the websites you have visited, determining which online marketing channels are most effective and allowing us to reward external websites and partners that have referred you to us.
  • Unclassified Cookies: These are cookies in the process of classification, along with the providers of individual cookies. Other third-party tools and widgets might be used on our web pages to provide additional functionality. Their use may place a cookie on your device, facilitating service use and ensuring correct activity display on our webpages.


Cookies do not inform us of your email address or personally identify you in any other way. In our analytical reports, we may obtain identification information, including IP addresses, solely to identify the number of unique visitors to our websites and the geographic origin of visitor traffic, not to identify individual visitors.


How to Control Cookies?

You have the discretion to withdraw consent or object to the use of cookies on your device at any time, and to control and/or delete cookies.


Your Rights:

You have the right to:

    1. Access your data.
    2. Correct or delete your data.
    3. Data portability.
    4. Restrict processing of your data.
    5. Object to data processing.
    6. Withdraw consent to the use of some or all cookies, and consequently to the processing of your data.


To exercise these rights, submit requests to TRAIN UNION OF WESTERN CRETE SA, Agia Marina Chania 73014, or email [email protected]. If you believe your data processing breaches data protection laws, file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority (Kifissia 1-3, Athens, tel. 210.6475600, email [email protected]).

Further Information:

For more about personal data protection by cookies, see our Privacy Policy. General information on cookies and how to block or restrict them is available at


Disabling Cookies:

To enable or disable cookies in your browser settings, follow these instructions:

  • Internet Explorer: “Tools” → “Internet Options” → “Privacy” tab → appropriate setting.
  • Google Chrome: “Settings” → “Advanced” → “Privacy and security” → “Content settings” → “Cookies”.
  • Safari: “Preferences” → “Privacy” → “Remove all site data”.
  • Mozilla Firefox: “Tools” → “Options” → “Privacy” → “Cookies” menu.
  • Opera 6.0: “Files” → “Preferences” → “Privacy” → “Cookies Policy”.


Changes to the Cookie Policy:

This policy is subject to change; hence, we advise regular review. Effective as of 9/1/2024, any amendments will be noted with the amendment date. The most recent version is always considered the effective policy.