Orange Valley

Orange Valley
Orange Valley

Discover the Nature of Crete

A magnificent trip that combines the majesty of White Mountains – Lefka Ori in Greek language, White Mountains, with the scent and natural beauty of the “Orange Valley”. Feel like a local at the orange orchard, pickup oranges from the trees and taste other delicious local products. Through the picturesque countryside and the spectacular small ravine, reach Meskla village, situated by the original youthful springs of Keritis River. While enjoying the shade provided by the 500 years old maple trees, visit the magnificent Byzantine church built in the 5th century and the central one, dedicated to Virgin Mary, full of frescoes and old icons. Do not miss to taste the Cretan delicacy, kalitsounia, and local wine. An afternoon tour that offers a journey of Byzantine time’s inland, through ripe orchards that give off scented trails of fruit zest!

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  • 1/4-12/5 16:30
  • 13/5-26/5 17:00
  • 27/5-18/8 17:30
  • 19/8-8/9 17:00
  • 9/9-31/10 16:30
  • Journey time 3 hours
  • Duration and departure time vary in relation to pick up location. Download the detailed schedule


  • Adult 22.00€
  • Child 11.00€


  • Bottle of water
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhat
  • Camera
  • Money

Route Itinerary

  • This afternoon train tour starts from the developing area of ​​Gerani, heading towards Agioi Apostoloi. From there we ascend towards Galata, the village where the world-famous composer Mikis Theodorakis was born, slowly entering the hinterland. We cross the area of ​​Oasis to reach Myloniana, where Nektarios, the local producer, is waiting for us, to pick up an orange from his orchard and to taste the rest of the products he produces in his fertile fields. In the 15 minutes we stay there we will come into direct contact with the way of life of the locals, who live off their land.
  • We leave the orange grove behind and head towards our next destination, which we will meet after about half an hour. We cross the valley of oranges that Keritis River runs through and cross the stone bridge of Alikianos. In the next village, Fournes, we will stop for photos at the central church. We continue our way, in the opposite direction to the flow of the river that runs beside us, while the centuries-old plane trees cover us with their shade and finally reach Meskla.
  • For about 25 minutes we will wander in this quiet village, located at the foot of the White Mountains. Keritis River, which accompanies us throughout the tour, originates here. In the center dominates the village church, which we will visit. Then we go down to a traditional cafe to try a genuine regional delicacy, kalitsounia, which are homemade small spinach pies with creamy local cheese and wine, all produced by them.
  • After relaxing at our last stop, we follow the same road towards the village of Alikianos. We drive on the small country road, through endless fruit trees and after passing the villages of Patelari or Kirtomados, we end up at the drop-off points.


Gerani is a village and a community situated in the municipality of Platanias, Crete, Greece. It has a population of 1,189 (according to the 2011 census) and it covers 6.398 square kilometers (2.470 sq mi). It is 14 kilometers (8.7 mi) from Chania, right next to the sea. The Gerani beach is awarded with the Blue Flag. There plenty of traditional tavernas, car rental companies, supermarkets and hotels in the village.

Platanias Village

Platanias (Greek: Πλατανιάς) is a village and municipality on the Greek island of Crete. It is located about 10 km (6.2 mi) west from the city of Chania and east of Kastelli-Kissamos, on Chania Bay. The seat of the municipality is the village Gerani.[1] Platanias is a popular tourism village with a beach, several hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. Not far from the coast is the island of Agioi Theodoroi.

Agia Marina

One of the most important tourist resorts. A delightful village situated on the northwest coast of Crete, located 3 km to the west of Chania. Its long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters make this an ideal holiday location for young and old alike.

Agioi Apostoloi

Seaside area, quite close to the city of Chania. It stands out for its golden beaches with shallow waters and the park that hosts activities for all ages.


Historical village built in 961 AD by Byzantine families in the ruins of ancient residences. It’s also the homeland of the famous composer Mikis Theodorakis!

Orange Grove – Myloniana

A nearby orange grove, accessible only to us, which gives us the opportunity to feel like locals, picking fruits directly from the trees.

Fournes Village

Fournes is one of the largest "orange villages" in the valley of the Keritis River, located at the foot of the White Mountains, among endless orange groves and ripe plane trees.


Meskla is built among large orange groves and is the site of an ancient city where various artifacts and remains of Cyclopean walls have been found. It was destroyed twice in the past. The Venetians, first and the Turks later, laid everything waste. Around the village one can see many ancient ruins of homes.


Patelari is a village near to Platanias in which you will be able to witness characteristic samples of the simple people of Crete, occupied mostly in agricultural works.